Sludge Removal Systems

Automated Sludge Removal Systems are designed to work with our waterwash spray booths, removing overspray from the booth to be dealt with in a separate sludge removal tank.

Adding a Sludge Removal System to a waterwash spray booth not only improves the efficiency of the booth by reducing potential “choking”, but also improves the available uptime of the booth.

Options and benefits of Sludge Removal Systems include:

  • Vast reduction in sediment in the spray booth tank
  • Less maintenance required to the actual spray booth as the sludge removal is dealt with remotely from the spray booth
  • The ability to link more than one booth to a single sludge removal system
  • Having less waste to deal with as the sludge waste is scraped off the surface of the water in the sludge tank and deposited into a separate receptacle, meaning the waste for removal has a much lower water content.
  • Retrofitting to existing systems
  • Close coupling to the spray booth or located remotely from the spray booth
  • Advanced PLC control systems allow customisation of the skimming process


Sludge Removal Systems Sludge Removal Systems

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