About FastClip

FastClip Ductwork is manufactured to the highest standards from high quality, smooth and durable galvanised steel. Using our state-of-the-art CAD (Computer-aided design) systems, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) laser cutting, folding, roll-forming and welding equipment to provide the most accurate and flexible system available.

Today, our customers use FastClip Ducting for the transport of dust and fume on varying industrial applications. Sectors where FastClip Duct is used include woodworking, food and pharmaceutical.


fastclip ductwork
fastclip ducting


FastClip Ducting is durable, user-friendly, quick and straightforward to assemble:

  • Sections are simply clipped together providing a leak resistant seal
  • A smooth interior surface to minimise friction and reduce dust build­up, improving airflow and extraction efficiency
  • Standard components are readily available - we hold the most common parts and sizes in stock for immediate dispatch.


FastClip Ductwork makes it easy to relocate plant and machinery:

  • The FastClip fastener means existing ductwork can be quickly disconnected from any equipment
  • The design means it is easy to adapt duct routes to suit revised plant layouts or to add or remove duct as required
  • Custom designed components are an option.


Thanks to our extensive knowledge of dust and fume extraction engineering we can offer:

  • A bespoke, comprehensive extraction system design service
  • Full turnkey solutions, utilising all the manufacturing and installation services we have at our disposal.
  • Help from our aftersales team with Planned Preventative Maintenance and LEV testing, ensuring you and your plant always meet or exceed the current legislative requirements.

Why use the FastClip Ductwork System?

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of dust and fume extraction engineering we can offer:

  • Most common sizes held in stock for immediate despatch.
  • FastClip System offers fast, tool-­free connection of FastClip Ductwork components.
  • Easy to relocate, reconfigure, extend or reduce ducting installations.
  • FastClip facilitates the easy removal of duct sections – easing the cleaning of duct runs.
  • Gallito can fabricate all styles of transitions – allowing FastClip Ductwork to be connected to, and extend, other manufacturers’ ducting systems.
  • Flanged, Powder Coated and Heavy Duty ducting and accessories are available on short lead times.

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