Sludge Removal Systems

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Gallito automatic booth cleaning systems are designed to remove overspray waste from spray booths, preventing ‘choking’ and providing long term cost reductions due to minimised waste handling.

Options include:-

  • Turnkey total loss booth and sludge removal systems
  • Retrofit side streaming options for existing booths (including ‘no pump’ type booths)

Gallito designs include:-

Side-stream Systems (designed for low – medium paint volumes)

  • Allows recirculation of water within the booth
  • Separate coagulation tank (located either remotely or to one side of the booth)
  • System can be configured to operate with more than one booth.

Total Loss Systems (designed for high paint volumes)

  • Dedicated booth tank design
  • Separate coagulation tank (can be linked to more than one booth)
  • No risk of sedimentation in the booth tank