Dust Control Systems Ltd


Optinak CRM

Gallito Limited is a member of the DCS Group of companies.

The DCS Group is a leading supplier of high technology products and services for dust and fume control, product finishing and business software systems and consultancy. Industries served are many and varied and include virtually all types of industrial processes where air quality requires controlling.

DCS Group companies include:

Dust Control Systems Ltd

Dust Control Systems has many years experience in solving dust and fume problems and today is recognised as an industry leader. The company has an established reputation as a solutions and service provider and has secured exclusive distributor arrangements with a number of major international filter manufacturers.

Ecogate Limited

Ecogate Limited is the UK’s exclusive distributor for the world’s leading energy-saving extraction optimisation products and systems. Developed by California-based Ecogate Inc., an Ecogate extraction-on-demand system can reduce electricity bills by as much as 80% and will typically pay for itself in less than two years.

Optimal CRM Limited

Involved in the CRM business since the concept became a standard, and with a wealth of experience across all industries from single user to FTSE-100, Optimal CRMdeliver solutions that meets the evolving needs of a business. Microsoft software and systems specialists, the company offers project management, consultancy, training and support.